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Nasty habits

The expression could refer to any number of things. For example, it could refer to a fine if rather obscure route on the right side of the Upper Weeping Wall. I suppose it could also refer to the obvious culprits: cigarettes, drink, religion... Or, it could refer to some of the SNAFUs on the list below. It being the start of a new year I found myself thinking of things I could do better on ice. The accompanying stories and photos are all from the current ice climbing season. Two months down, four more to go! Swinging away on Nasty Habits , Upper Weeping Wall. Photo: Steve Holeczi. Dressing too lightly in November. A warm chinook wind buffeted Jen, Richard and me as we rode our mountain bikes along the Banff golf course access road. It promised to be a warm day on T2 , the mixed version of the classic Terminator . But when we emerged from the forest below the T-Wall, we were met by a howling gale that, in spite of the moderate temperatures, felt anything but warm. Only a few days ea