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Plan B

Sometimes all the stars line up, we walk up to our chosen line and send. But as often as not, this doesn’t happen: for one reason or another, the objective of our desire turns out to be out of reach. Now what? Suppose you came up to the Columbia Icefields from Calgary. Not exactly an expedition but still, you drove out the night before, slept somewhere in the bushes, got up before dawn and stumbled up the moraines before you realized it was either snowing or too warm or whatever. Now what? The obvious answer is to hike down to the car, drive back to Lake Louise, load up on coffee and pastries, and continue home. But while coffee, pastries and eventually the couch hold a definite appeal, it seems a shame to waste all that effort. So what to do? The answer is to come up with a Plan B. I consider myself a bit of a Plan B master. I suspect it comes from being a wanker as well as a weekend warrior. Being a wanker, I turn around when others might have gone on. And being a weekend warrior,