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Spring is here. In the Rockies this means snow still lies deep over the high peaks, ice in the shade is still blue, but down in the valleys rock is baking in the sun. This is the time of choice: skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing - choose your aspect and elevation, and go for it! A few years ago Will Gadd and I chose to celebrate spring by cramming as many different kinds of climbing into a day as we could manage. This past Easter long weekend I experienced something similar, though in a more leisurely manner. Four days, four different kinds of fun, with lots of time to sleep in and linger over the morning cafe lattes. I guess I am getting older, wiser - and lazier. Friday: Plastic I took a break from making East European Easter pastries and headed for a couple of hours to the gym. I find plastic to be the hardest form of climbing: no end runs around the hard stuff, no intermediates to bump off of, no prickly limestone to work your feet up on, just a smattering of taped