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Summer's Almost Gone

"Summer's almost gone, Summer's almost gone. We had some good times, But they're gone. The winter's comin' on, Summer's almost gone." - The Doors Steve Holeczi’s name appeared on call display. “There’s a cool-looking corner system just left of Homage to the Spider. Wanna go check it out on Tuesday?” I thought briefly about the sport-climbing fitness I’d lose by going into the mountains, but in the end adventure won out. I even agreed to meet at five in the morning. *** After just a few minutes of wading through long, wet grass in the grey light of dawn, our shoes and pants were soaked. The sky might’ve been clear now, but the night’s downpour lingered in the mud on the trail and in the dark streaks on the rock faces above. “The north side of Edith is completely wet. Think it’s worth walking all the way to Louis?” Steve wondered. I’m a believer in Steve DeMaio’s saying, that no matter how a route loo