Monday, August 2, 2010

Huatulco bouldering

Huatulco? What does a tropical beach paradise in southern Mexico have to offer to a climber beside cold margaritas? Well, first of all margaritas are nothing to sneeze at, especially when consumed to the accompaniment of vuvuzelas at the FIFA World Cup on the beachside-bar TV set. But wait: what is that iguana sitting on? Is that high-quality granite? While Huatulco is not likely to become known as a bouldering mecca anytime soon, there are enough stones strewn along the coast on which to to shred one's fingertips, before wrapping them around the aforesaid margarita glass. ¿Cu├íl es el resultado?

Huatulco stone.

An iguana topping out on a classic problem.

"The Egg of Huatulco" offered some great problems with a variety of landings.

The key beta: pull with the arms and push with the feet. Photo: Vera Slawinski.

Then again, some problems did not require much in the way of footwork. Photo: Vera Slawinski.

On any road trip it is hard not to get psyched out by locals running laps on problems they have ruthlessly wired.

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  1. Raphael, could you please describe where the "egg of Huatulco" is located? Also, do you have any idea what the ratings might be for the routes on the egg? We'll be there in December of this year and are looking for info for bouldering in the area. Thanks